Working from home; a trend that’s looking likely to stay?

Working from home; a trend that’s looking likely to stay?

Due to the global pandemic because of Covid-19, many office-based roles have been forced to working from home which was unfamiliar territories before lockdown; something that employees just thought was for bosses and higher management. However, many are seeing the benefits that working from home is having, and potentially might have changed the office-based roles demographic forever.


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Companies have really started to embrace the trend of working from home mainly due to the fact that employees are enjoying the added trust put in them to be able to work from home. Initially, we believe this was a worry for bosses as they were unsure if they’d be able to get the same level of productivity from their staff if they weren’t under their watch in office hours however studies have shown that bosses have found their employees to be 13% more productive at home – a stat that I’m sure shocked them!

Other benefits for employers include the cost savings they due to their employees working from home. Not only do employees save money on travel costs, but employers with be saving on running a physical office due to rent, upkeep, bills etc. All these add up to the overall costs taken off revenue and therefore although it’s been tough for business over lockdown, profit margins potentially might have increased.

Finally, employees working from home would be more entitled to feel happier, less stressful day to day life and most importantly, a better work/life balance. Employees also went on to say that they have increased productivity levels working from home and are able to focus better in their own space.  Without the financial cost to the commute to work as well, employees were able to use this added time as well to work in and finish work faster and/or better.

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