Why Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Is Better Than Galaxy S4: A Review

Why Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Is Better Than Galaxy S4: A Review

The ultimate anti-iPhone comes with a massive tablet like size, fulfilling all important functions of tablet. Yes, Samsung Galaxy Note 2 comes with lots of quandary whether a 5.5-inch screen can really hold in your palm and used as a regular phone? Is draining battery fast a common problem or rare mishaps? Can quad-core processor keep pace with the other smartphones? Let’s read some Samsung Galaxy note 2 Deals.

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is a tough competition for the iPhone 5, for more reasons other than its superb camera quality and excellent display. However, its gigantic size, out-of-the-box stylus and loads of customization options, Note 2 is far too complicated. Samsung comes with an excellent phone but with its complicated structure and price raise doubts.

A realist can see this phone an asset because a blazing quad-core processor with Android 4.1 Jelly Bean OS is perhaps uncooperative at first because of its huge size but processor strength, 8-megapixel camera coupled with extra-large battery is the best thing any company is offering till date and also better than Galaxy S deals.

Design of Samsung Galaxy Note 2

Samsung always stands on its plastic tradition that presents a premium look and attractive than its rivals. However, the Samsung Galaxy note 2 Deals is not well-received by its critics for its highly reflective surface. The 5.9 inches tall and 3.2 inches wide screen still presents itself a sleek gadget. The phone is perhaps too awkward to hold in your hands, but it is still managed to fit in your back pocket because of its functional design. The phone looks comically large for answering calls at the ear, but with a Bluetooth headset, things are pretty comfortable. Moreover, the rival iPhone 5’s looks too tiny in the big fashionable market of smartphones.

Screen and OS of Samsung Galaxy Note 2

This smartphone comes with HD Super AMOLED screen, which is bigger than its predecessor Samsung Note 1. This gives a wide-screen 16:9 aspect ratio compare to previous 16:10 of Note 1. This means more improved graphics and video playback. Nevertheless, the resolution is slightly less than Galaxy S deals, which is impossible to notice by naked eyes. Other important aspects of this phone are:

·         Great customization like lock screen shortcuts, motion controls and deeper interactions.

·         Booting up “easy” mode

·         Page Buddy temporarily pops up when you operate like stylus, plug in headphones and dock the phone.

·         Virtual keyboard but without spell checker.

·         Excellent navigation buttons and newly designed Google Voice Action and Google Now.

Samsung S Note App

One of the best features is the S Pen. You can take your notes and sketches pictures to entertain yourself and your kids. The flexibility of the S Pen is excellent and sensors are quite good to give a natural feel of writing. But erasing and rewriting scribbles do take lots of time.

S Note App also comes with voice dictation and picture and video inserts. Moreover, if you want to convert your sketches into math formulas or shapes or insert clip art, you can easily perform it.

Camera quality of Note 2

Galaxy Note 2 carries the legacy of Samsung of providing excellent cameras. Undoubtedly, this is the best feature of all Galaxy phones. Photos are crisp, colorful and without any haze. Note 2 has a special adjustment of lighting and effects such as burst mode where the camera takes to 20 shots in quick succession.

There are principally three shooting modes: HDR, Panorama and Low-light setting. The phone also comes with geotagging, antishake and voice command like “smile” or “cheese”. ‘The Best Faces’ mode let you to choose your favorite mug shot from 20 random shots. ‘Share Shot’ and ‘Buddy Photo Share’ can let you to share your photos instantly with your friends.

Overall performance

Pluses: Samsung Galaxy Note 2 big screen is the big plus because of terrific video playback quality, gaming interface and improved stylus to add productivity. The quad-core processor is fast. The camera is as usual a plus for Samsung phone, and a strong battery life makes it an enviable gadget amongst rivals.

Minuses: The huge size makes it a rather awkward to hold it to ears. There are certain glitches in the S Pen stylus. Sometimes the apps slow down the phone a bit. The price of this phone is not an option for replacing your tablet desire.

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