Why is DDoS Protected VPS Important for Your VPS Hosted Website

Why is DDoS Protected VPS Important for Your VPS Hosted Website

Distributed Denial of Service attacks takes down your website in a matter of minutes, causes loss of revenue and erodes the trust of the customer in your product. This form of attack by anonymous users is quite common but can be prevented by a VPS hosted website.

What is a DDoS attack?

This attack targets the server and the bandwidth resources, and its main objective is to deny the users their favorite applications. Anonymous users flood the website server with massive traffic from various destinations, and the server has no time to respond to these website attacks. Within minutes, your carefully crafted website will go down, and you will be staring at a massive loss of revenue.

You need DDoS protection for your Virtual Private Server because if you don’t have it, your website will be impacted by the following ways:

  1. Revenue Loss

According to an IT report in 2017, 84% of all businesses in the United States reported a DDoS attack. The year before, this number stood at 73%.

A substantial number of these businesses (60%) reported that they lost revenue during their peak business hours. The report further said that the hourly loss suffered by these businesses during peak hours ranged from $25k to $250k.

If you are running a website based business, then you must install a VPS hosting that prevents DDoS attacks.

  1. Data Breach

Most of the DDoS attacks are camouflaged. These attacks target sensitive company data, and if you are not vigilant, all your data may be lost or stolen. To prevent this breach, create multiple backups and store in as many locations as possible. Very importantly, install a DDoS protected VPS on your site.

  1. Impact on Customer Confidence

Perhaps the most significant risk that any such attack poses is that of a crisis of customer confidence. When your network is down or under attack, your customers will look at your product in a poor light. They won’t use it for their financial transactions. Your customers would hesitate to open any link on your website because of fear of a DDoS attack. In short, your customers will stay away from your business. To prevent this ugly episode, install a DDOS resistant VPS hosting on your website.

  1. Ransom attacks

In addition, your site may be subjected to RDDoS attacks. These attacks hold your website assets like passwords, databases, etc. to ransom. If you don’t pay this ransom, your website may be severely impaired through the injection of viruses and other forms of malware.

A DDoS website can protect your website against the following attacks:

  1. ICMP or Ping Flooding

The most common form of this attack is when the attacker sends multiple packets of requests to the server without even waiting for a response. This leads to the server getting inundated by fake requests which is called as ICMP Flooding

  1. UDP Flooding

Another form of DDoS attacks is attacking the random ports of the server with fake requests. The ultimate objective of this UDP flooding is to take the server down and make it inaccessible to other requests which may be genuine.

To conclude, having a DDoS resistant website is essential for your site safety and your online reputation. A DDoS also stops ransom related attacks and data breaches.

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