Using Cell Phone Spy software Technology! Ethical or Unethical

Using Cell Phone Spy software Technology! Ethical or Unethical

Modern world has given children too much leverage, to the level of unnecessary. So when this one piece of technology comes to assist parental control, morality should be a hindrance in its way.

Questioning the Moral Implication

Technology has brought us to terms with change. Since every one of our daily activities has in one way or another been altered by technology, we have become used to it. And the major reason for this is that the changes brought about have always been positive ones. For instance, long distance communication was dependent on letters that would take days to reach the other end; but mobile phones came along with drastically efficient communication, and now are adopted by every other walking figure on the face of this earth. But what does not change is the downside that tags along with the benefits of every piece of technology. Likewise one of the downside of mobiles is that they have led to a significant ease in having communications that can ruin or destroy one’s life forever. And this is where the cell iphone spy comes in- to the rescue.

Utility vs. Morality

Yes, the cell phone spy software uses methods that are equivalent to breaching others’ privacy. But how many times has a mother searched through her teenager’s bags and belongings in doubt of finding drug traces. Every mother would be worried about the child’s activities on the computer behind that closed door. There is no question of morality in this case, for it is a part of decent parenting. Such instances require great care and discretion for the person snooping around. But since mobile phones have made it so much easier to communicate without letters and envelopes, the searching-the-room technique fails beyond hope. And thus cell iphone spy & monitoring software( becomes the answer to the tech-problem that every worried mother, spouse, employer has ever faced.

Knocking On the Door of Privacy

When privacy is being breached for the benefit of humanity, the argument might be settled in the favor of the cell phone spy. Just imagine the relief to know that the reason for your teenager staying late after school and being tired all the time was the basketball practice and not some drug practice. Or the reason that your wife was spending late nights in the office was her yearning for that promotion. On the other hand, the wife or the child will never know that you were spying on their mobile phone since the cell spy software makes itself invisible to the mobile phone user as soon as it is installed. The application merges itself into the cell functioning. Also, the person using android spying or iphone spy software can do all of it from miles away, since the featuring is for remote purposes. Meaning, the information from the mobile phone is sent off to the account of the purchaser for viewing. This account can be accessed from any laptop/mobile phone.

Settling In With the Use

It does not take long to adjust to the information flow from the mobile phone. The view on the account is a merge of systematic display and user interface. You can access all information at just one click, including all the pictures and videos being viewed, received, or captured using the target mobile phone. Yes, this might seem too much to spy on, since pictures and videos could be of friends, girlfriends, boyfriends, but look at it this way, maybe the teenager is using the mobile phone to view obscene pictures and videos from the internet. And since mobile spy also takes in the data from internet usage, this crude activity could be captured at the off-hand level before it gets too far.

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