The Top 5 Features For The LG G2

The Top 5 Features For The LG G2

Much overlooked in the constant flow of news about Apple and Samsung products is the fact that a few other smartphone manufacturers are starting to catch up with their own incredibly impressive products. One such product set to be released later this year is the LG G2, LG’s first true foray into the market for advanced smartphones. We have to admit, the sound of an LG smartphone wasn’t initially that exciting, as there’s a general perception that LG has been somewhat left behind in the mobile phone market. However, with features and specifics having recently been revealed, it’s impossible not to be impressed by this coming smartphone. We won’t know just how smooth or functional it is until it’s actually in our hands, but to give you an idea of some of LG’s innovations, here are the top 5 features we’re expecting to see in the G2.

1. KnockOn

We’ve heard rumors for some time now that Apple is considering doing away with its home button. Well, LG has launched the G2 without a home button to start with, instead incorporating the “KnockOn” system by which you need only tap your phone’s screen to turn it on. And don’t worry, there’s still a lock screen, so your phone won’t constantly be turning itself on and conducting its own activity.

2. Rear Key

One of the most hyped features of the G2 is its set of rear keys on the backside of the phone. These are meant for easy volume control when on a call and easy “selfie” picture taking (with the phone’s face toward you). The Rear Key is perhaps a bit of a gimmick, but it still sets the G2 apart from competitors.

3. Guest Mode

This is a neat little idea that allows you to let someone else use your G2 without access to its full features or apps. For example, you can let someone else make a call without accessing your text message history, or browsing activity, etc.

4. Slide Aside Multitasking

The “Slide Aside” concept allows you to have tabs open for the different apps you’re using, which has numerous practical applications. It might be as simple as streaming a video on Netflix on one tab and carrying on a conversation with a friend on the other. Or, it could be something more directly related. For example, you could be playing a casual poker app on one tab, and referencing your Betfair strategy guide on another tab, continually having tips and betting strategies at your disposal while you play your game, instead of only before and after! In short, you can get creative with multitasking!

5. Quick Window

This is actually a case as much as a phone feature, but it may be the most innovative perk about the G2. QuickWindow covers your phone’s display, leaving only a small window, which the phone adjusts to in order to provide quick, widget-like features. Check the time, temperature, see a message, etc. without even opening up your phone.

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