Samsung I9300 Galaxy S III Review

Samsung I9300 Galaxy S III Review

The Samsung I9300 Galaxy S III is the newest flagship phone launched by Samsung. This much anticipated and hyped phone is packed with powerful quad-core processor, an 8MP camera and 4.8” 720p screen. The phone is using TouchWiz interface and ICS along with other cool features.
Important facts about Samsung I9300 Galaxy S III

1. Design

This handset has a curvy design and weighs about 133 grams making it more convenient to carry along. It does not have humps on the back unlike the S II and the thickness is uniform. It is available in two colors such as marble white and pebble blue as well as made of glossy plastic and manufactured through Hyperglaze process. It also features AMOLED screen and utilizes PenTile Matrix. With 720p resolution, you can expect that this phone provides outstanding image quality. Another distinctive design of Samsung I9300 is the notification LED found in the left area of the ear piece.

2. Software and Hardware

The phone is run by Exynos chipset and also features 1GB of RAM and quad-core Cortex-A9 processor. Likewise, it also uses Android 4.0.4 software as well as the latest TouchWiz with four-column UI.

3. Features

The new Samsung I9300 offers cool features and the most interesting is the voice commands and eye tracking. The eye tracking works by switching on and off the display depending if the phone detects that you are looking at it. On the other hand, the S Voice is the counterpart of Siri and it is activated by uttering “Hi Galaxy!” The user can ask the phone taking a picture when nobody is around and it also provides information about the weather. It also supports various languages such as English, Italian, French, German, Korean and Spanish.
This phone features Smart alert particularly if the phone senses that it is picked up. Likewise, it also alarms in case of missed events. The good thing about the Samsung I9300 is that allows the user to continue watching the video while doing something or using another app.

4. Camera

This handset features an 8MP camera that allows burst shot mode. This means that the user can obtain 3.3 shots per second. It features Autofocus in such a way that it can automatically track people’s faces and takes several photos in quick succession. In addition, you can also take advantage with the face detection and face zoom features. This phone can record 1080p video and uses video stabilization. Additionally, the battery of Samsung I9300 offers a much longer life as compared to the Galaxy S II.
Taking a first look at Samsung I9300, it will be mistaken with 4S. However, the interface and functionality of this phone is excellent. That is why many customers prefer this handset because they think that it is cheaper despite of the enormous features. Thus, this phone is a big step up to its predecessor as it is bigger, faster, cleverer and most of all excellent. That is why if you want big HD screens and plastic body, then you should consider the Samsung I0300 Galaxy S III.

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