Innovative Android Applications To Boost The Performance Of Your Android Devices

Innovative Android Applications To Boost The Performance Of Your Android Devices

With the introduction of new technology, the priorities of the individuals keep changing and hence their requirements. Same is the case with android applications. With the introduction of new android devices, the demand for new applications also increased and thus, the application developers came up with a complete new package of android applications which are really known for enhancing the overall performance of the android devices. Adding these apps to your devices will really enhance their utility to a great extent and also enable you to complete all the tasks from your cell phones or tablets.


Here is a list of some of the most popular apps which have gained a high rate of downloads all over the world. You can also get them on your android devices by downloading them.

Office Mobile

The people who need to check their mails and perform the editing activities can consider this app for download. This app is perfectly compatible with android cell phones. In order to use this Microsoft’s app, the users will be required to have Office 365 subscription. This app allows you to view files on Word, PowerPoint and Excel.


The battery of the samrtphones is really a problem and gets emptied very often due to the continuous use of several features possessed by it. The individuals who wish to boost their battery life without much effort can get the JuiceDefender app. This app is available in three versions. One is a free version while the other two are paid versions. You can make the necessary adjustments to get the best results from this app.

Word Bucket

This knowledgeable app can be either be used as a dictionary or as a game where you can learn new words. Using this app, the users will not only be able to enrich their vocabulary but can also learn different languages like Spanish, Italian, French, Chinese, Portuguese, Japanese, Korean, English, Russian, Arabic etc. This app is available for free and can easily be downloaded using Internet.


This app can be used to access your remote desktop in your office whenever necessary. This app can be used anywhere, where there is an availability of internet connection. You can view your computer’s screen and get the required information by using this app.


If you are looking forward to renovate your home, this app can help you in getting some brilliant and exceptional ideas. Increase the usability of your phone by installing this free app. Using this app, the individuals can click a photo of their room and arrange the models of furniture so as to know how they look. You can also use different colors to finalize a perfect decor for your room.

RAC Traffic

This app is designed to keep you away from the irritating heavy traffic situations. The app finds out the location of the user with the help of mobile signal and then provides the details of the traffic in that particular area.


This is an ultimate app for android devices having high resolution cameras. This powerful application is also compatible with front camera and enables the users to click high quality images, including self portraits from their mobile phones.


As the name suggests, this app provides an opportunity to the android device users to customize the radio stations as per their music tastes.


This is an all in one app which allows the users to make audio as well as video calls. It also grants access to the messaging option. The best thing about this app is that the users can enjoy communicating for free with those who are using the same app.

So, these are some outstanding android applications that will surely enhance the utility and performance of your android devices.

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