Important Tech Coming To Consumer Mobile Devices

Important Tech Coming To Consumer Mobile Devices

Our mobile habits are constantly changing as the hardware used within our devices continues to improve – this growth comes despite different challenges too, recently within mobile gaming there have been efforts to tackle some specific sectors such as mobile betting and casinos as initiatives such as gamstop are aimed at reducing participation options for players, despite this a number of operators are choosing  to register and launch services outside of the UK, Triumph is a new casino to the market and one of these that avoid those restrictions – bow how is upcoming consumer tech going to help with the changing habits on our devices?

            Better, faster displays – Screen size and fidelity has become a focal point for many as a key feature for many flagship phones, what many may not be aware of is the slow emergence of faster refresh rates within these displays. Anyone who has a 120Hz screen will tell you the difference in makes from everyday scrolling through your phone menus to watching streams or playing games – although this was primarily included for enthusiast devices, it is becoming increasingly common toward more lower end devices as it becomes easier to implement, and because of this it may provide app developers with a new way to initiate change, as a faster refresh rate on displays pushes performance.

            AR and VR – If you’ve played games like Pokémon Go, you’ll be all too familiar with the fun side of AR, or augmented reality. Fortunately it has a number of growing uses too, an example shown off recently has been with the addition to metro and subway cards to provide a pop-out map. Virtual Reality may be a little way behind here, as there’s still plenty of work to be done, but as devices become stronger these possibilities continue to become available, and really push what’s possible and further add utility to our day to day.

            5G and networking – It’s difficult to talk about future mobile tech without mentioning 5G too, and it’s going to change a lot more than many people realise. The increased capacity is an important part that is often overlooked – by being able to support more users in smaller areas, you’re less likely to have speed or data throttled as the increased load can be handled. Talking about throttling, the speed for 5G is impressive within itself – a theoretical download speed of 10Gbps, 100 times faster than our current connection could be available – more importantly, the same speed may be available for upload speeds too which is where many devices are heavily throttled, given our nature to share more and more through social media, this upload speed different will seem huge for the content sharers out there.

All in  all it’s an exciting time for mobile tech, there’s plenty of changes coming that provide a lot of day to day benefit – the next step is to have them all implemented and widely used, but that change will no doubt happen extremely quickly.

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