Comparing the 5th generation game consoles from both Sony and Microsoft – the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X

Comparing the 5th generation game consoles from both Sony and Microsoft – the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X

With the holiday season of 2020 just around the corner, both big console providers have both said they are due to bring out their 4th version of the PlayStation and Xbox respectively. It has been 7 years since the last versions of their consoles so they have been long awaited on and thoroughly hyped about since their release dates were given – however which console is better, and which will be the better selling consoles.

It has always been a reoccurring theme with the competition between these that the Xbox is more powerful and better spec – in this generation the Xbox has better CPU, GPU, larger storage and added HDR. Although this has never been a good indicator as to how much of a success the console will be due to past figures.

Since release in 2013, the PlayStation 4 has gone on to sell 106.99 units across the globe compared to 46.36 million units sold by the Xbox One which is quite an incredible stat when you come to think about it – the Sony numbers absolutely dwarf the numbers of Microsoft’s numbers and one that they will want to close the gap on Sony with the new release.

Online gaming has been one of the few industries that hasn’t been affected by the Covid-19 pandemic and lockdown restrictions; as a matter of fact many online services have benefitted from the lockdown as consumers have seen these online services, such as Netflix, as a time-passer when there has been nothing to do whilst in lockdown. Something that both Sony and Microsoft will look to capitalise on once their consoles are released.

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