Android Applications Giving A Great Boost To Small Business

Android Applications Giving A Great Boost To Small Business

The present times are noted extensively by the mobile technology. Androids are an illuminating example of such developments of the present times which have completely revolutionized the way in which things are done. Android as a phone operating system has gained great popularity in the present times and has obtained a considerable share in the global market. Android applications are simply a great choice to meet the various business requirements.


Android applications can bring a number of benefits for small businesses and take them to greater heights of success. Some of the benefits derived from such applications are as follows:

  • Android phones are very affordable and makes it a cost effective option for small businesses. Getting the required applications on the phone is very simple and most of them are available for free without any charges.
  • The choices of Android phones are limitless and as such the numbers of applications which can be availed by small businesses alsocome in large numbers. No matter which type of business one is doing, he will certainly find few really effective apps for him.
  • Android phones allow the development of any business application on it with the self-owned brand of the enterprise. It acts like an open source software which proves highly beneficial in the competitive business world.
  • The security issues are nothing to be worried about by using the Android applications. Android is managed and operated by its community which ensures full security to the users.
  • The development of the applications does not require the users to pay high licensing fees. It allows the users to save a lot of money in developing the applications for business purposes.

Some Useful Android Applications For Small Businesses

The number of android applications which are available for small businesses are many. Here are few of them:
1.Documents To Go – With this application, businesses can view Microsoft Excel and Word documents. The paid version allows access to the Power Point documents.

2. Cloud Print – This free application is very useful for printing documents from the android devices.

3. Document Scanner – This application is available for free which permits scanning of documents and receipts with the device’s camera and save them in a PDF format.

4. Dropbox – This free application allows the synchronization of files online and across various computers with the android device and allows access to them from anywhere.

5. Intuit GoPayment This application allows the receipt and processing of credit card payments from the Android device.


For developing the best applications, the developers should be well acquainted with the latest trends of technologies. They should have a clear strategy prepared very much in advance which would save time. The
applications should be tested by the developers so as to achieve perfection. It is always better to break down large applications in smaller chunks which can be managed with ease.

Therefore it can be rightly said that android applications have given a boost to the businesses by offering them immense opportunities to carry out profitable and competitive operations through android devices.

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